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Key Features of the iForce HEMAVOL Pre Workout Supplement

Skin-Tearing Pumps

You haven't felt nitric oxide in action until you've felt this ridiculous mix of next-level pump ingredients.

Muscular Expansion

Cell Volumization means Hemavol shuttles nutrients and water to your muscles for huge growth and monster workouts!

Increased Strength

With more nutrients in your muscles, you WILL perform better. Whether those gains stick around is up to you and your diet!

Tastes Like Candy!

Ever have a Lemonhead as a kid? This is EXACTLY what the Lemon Drop flavor tastes like. We only believed it when we tried it!

With Workout Pumps This Good,
Who Needs Stimulants?!

Hey guys, my name is Matt, and I have a very minor prohemavolblem — I work out at night.

This isn’t really a problem, but I’ll admit that sometimes I’m just a bit flat. Life is like that.

If you’ve been around over the past few years, you’d know the simple solution to flat workouts: take a pre workout supplement and boost your energy and performance.

But that leads me to another problem – all of these pre workout supplements are either loaded with stimulants (which I’m not taking at night!), or they’re overpriced “nitric oxide pills” that don’t do squat.

So when my buddy was raving about something called iForce MAXIMIZE, I checked out how strong it really was. Unfortunately, the stimulants are way too potent to take at night.

Thankfully, this led me in the right direction: I asked iForce what they could do for me, and a super nice rep named Vaughn pointed me towards Maximize’s stimulant-free, pump-inducing counterpart…

The HEMAVOL “Plasma Volumizer” by iForce Nutrition

After that first use, I left the gym absolutely speechless. There were no words to describe this.

30 minutes before my 9PM workout, I used one scoop with 24oz of water. And then all hell broke loose in that empty weightroom.

I made that gym pay, and pay dearly. Any weight I touched… any machine I sat on… felt the full wrath of my frame. It had no clue what hit it, just as I had no clue that a workout like this could even happen.

I might have left at 10:30PM – I didn’t keep track of time, nor did I care to. It wasn’t until my muscles gave in to pure exhaustion and begged me to go home.

At that point, my arms were beyond sore. In fact, you can’t even call this feeling “soreness”. It’s more like a type of satisfying, numb pain that only the most passionate person can understand. I was literally ripped to shreds, and was dying of hunger.

Normally, these types of workouts happen once in a blue moon, perhaps on a planned heavy day. With HEMAVOL, they’ve happened nearly every single time.

And after a few of these pumped-up workouts, I had to write this all down. There’s got to be tons of people who work out at nights, are cycled off of stimulants, or are just looking to stack this with their energy-based products. So this review is for you.


After that first use, I left the gym absolutely speechless.

There were no words to describe this.

For the record, I don’t work for ANY of the nutrition companies mentioned in this review. I’m just a latenight gymrat who’s been around the block a few times (I’m 29 now). I did a ton of research on this stuff, so I might as well save you from doing the same so you can get right into beast mode alongside me. I’m also not a doctor – see yours before starting any new diet or supplementation program – and I sure don’t get paid by iForce. I’m just a guy who somehow fell in love with a tub of powder.

What’s in iForce Hemavol? What Does it Do?

Before we talk about anything else, it’s essential to talk about the iForce Nutrition Hemavol ingredients and effects. This is for those of you who want to know the ins-and-outs of everything you put in.

Doing a little bit of reading on this stuff, and you’ll see phrases like “Plasma Volumization” and “Hemodynamic Matrix.” What do these things even mean? Is it all marketing nonsense, or is HEMAVOL actually as incredible as everyone talking about it makes it sound?

I had the same questions when I heard first started reading about it. I still kind of laugh when I see “Plasma Volumization”, but it at least makes sense to me now.

If you’re serious about getting ripped and having the best workouts of your life, you don’t want to waste your time with placebos or supps that don’t work. That’s throwing money away. I’m a busy guy, and when I go to the gym, I don’t want to waste any time on something that won’t give me better workouts.

Here’s the good news: Hemavol isn’t a placebo. Far from it.

It uses cutting-edge nutritional science to combine specially selected compounds in a way that allows nutrients to freely flow to your muscles and give you extra energy and incredible pump.

In a nutshell, Hemavol widens your veins and pushes nutrients into your muscles during a workout. This builds up over time and allows you to have INSANE workouts and ridiculous pumps like you’ve never experienced before!

Want a closer look at the ingredients inside? Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients and what each one contributes to each serving.

Two Powerful Matrices – The HEMAVOL Ingredients

At the heart of iForce Hemavol are two important matrices. These work both independently and synergistically in your muscles to produce some crazy (yet safe) effects. The critical matrices are the Hemodynamic Matrix and the Vasodilation Support Matrix

Hemodynamic Matrix – Load up the Carbs and Water!

The purpose of the Hemodynamic Matrix is to pump your muscles full of carbs and water. Why would you want to do this? It’s to provide your muscles cells with more plasma, glycogen, and H2O. As any serious bodybuilder knows, plasma and glycogen deliver energy to your muscle cells.

Water helps everything move into the cell properly and volumizes your cells (that’s fancy talk for, “makes your individual muscle cells bigger and able to contain more nutrients”). Including Agmatine Sulfate, Citruline Sulfate, Glycerol Monostearate, and Norvaline, the Hemodynamic Matrix increases your endurance and lets you pound out those crucial extra reps.

Vasodilation Support Matrix: All about Blood Flow and Delivery

The purpose of the Vasodilation Support Matrix is to provide INSANE blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles. The way this works is by widening your blood vessels so more nutrients can be transported to the muscle cell.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic on the freeway? Imagine there were suddenly three extra lanes to choose from. That would definitely change your morning commute! The Vasodilation Support Matrix basically works like that.

When your blood vessels are widened, think of how much you’d be able to feed directly into your muscle cells! Your workouts will improve almost immediately! With a proprietary blend of L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC), Vitamin C, Rutacaerpine, and Epimedium, the Vasodilation is the second half of the powerful iForce Nutrition Hemavol formula.

Each of these matrices on their own would be worth having in your supps because they’d affect your workout in such awesome ways. However, when these two combine, the results are UNBELIEVABLE!

Remember how the Vasodilation Support Matrix is like adding extra lanes to the freeway? The Hemodynamic Matrix is like packing those extra lanes full of trucks carrying nutrients to your muscles. With wider veins and increased nutrient delivery, I don’t need to tell you this will give you the some of the most incredible workouts you’ve ever had!

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Hemavol matrices:

  • Plasma cellular volumization

    This immediately increases the size of your muscle cells and enables you to have more pump during workouts.

  • Anabolic nutrient support

    Improved blood flow forces nutrients, water, and oxygen into your muscles. It also makes your veins “pop” out and look awesome while you lift.

  • IMMEDIATELY amplified strength

    The increased nutrient support boosts your endurance during workout and pushes lactic acid out of your muscle cells once your workout’s complete. Unlike some supplements, Hemavol begins working within 30 minutes of taking it!

  • Increased effects over time

    The longer you use Hemavol, the more it works. The effects of Hemavol increase over time, so keep taking a steady dose, and you’ll get ripped super fast!

There are other benefits as well, like how it stacks so well with other supplements, but we’ll go into these later.

For more information on everything inside, see our detailed Ingredients page.

What is Everyone Else Saying about Hemavol?

Our HEMAVOL Reviews page sums up what’s out there, and allows you to add your own reviews. Pretty much everyone comes hungry (for crazy workouts) and leaves satisfied.

Some of our favorite quotes from other HEMAVOL Reviews

A pleasure to drink, and a kick in the nuts (in a GOOD way) in the gym!

- Jeremy, OH (26yo)

The pumps. Dear God, the pumps.

A friend came in halfway into my workout and asked WTF was going on – my arms were looking bigger to him! That confirmed it – this stuff is for real.

- Nick, Portland OR (18yo)

Stacked it with Maximize. Watermelon’s flavor is nothing short of ridiculous… I may not have rested more than 20 seconds between any set with this combo.

- Dan, Dallas TX (35yo)

You can also cruise the various forums out there – even on the sites where they don’t sell it, people rave about it!

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a SINGLE negative review out there!! Maybe some people won’t like the pills, but that’s why there’s the better-selling powder!

Every last person who’s tried it got more energy and pumps for their tough workouts. It just works and iForce hit a home run with this. End of story.

It’s that intense, and within a year, I truly believe it will be all over your local store shelves too. At that point, you’ll laugh, knowing you were far ahead of the curve on this one.

Those are all guys!! What about Women?

True – the reviews above are all from guys aged 18 through 35. No doubt, this is the kind of stuff that heavy-lifting guys want. But this will work for anyone – women and you more experienced, older guys and gals too.

It just so happens that most girls don’t want their veins “popping out of their muscles”… but there’s absolutely no reason why you ladies can’t take it and have a crazy leg workout just like us boys!

What Else Can I Use Hemavol For?

Oh yeah, this is the fun part, especially for those of you who do morning workouts and have more flexibility with stimulants.

In addition to using it by itself, you can stack Hemavol with other supplements to get even MORE from your workout! One of the reasons it’s gotten so much chatter since it launched is because it stacks so well with just about everything (thanks to its stimulant-free nature), from fat burners to high-energy drinks to things like 5 Hour Energy.

You can basically add it to any other supp to create an incredibly powerful stack, allowing you to craft your workout and create the ideal stack for you. Already have a favorite stack to take before a workout? Simply substitute iForce Hemavol or add it to everything else and go from there.

There are many different energy stacks people like to use, but one of the most popular two are the HEMAVOL/MAXIMIZE combo followed by the CRAZE/HEMAVOL stack. If you’ve used MAXIMIZE, you know it provides the following:

  • An intense feeling of focus and energy during a workout

  • A gradual rise and fall of energy, preventing you from having a “crash” like many other supps leave behind

  • Increased endurance and desire to keep pumping iron due to raised ATP levels in your muscles

  • Increased nitrous oxide (NO) and therefore increased nutrient flow through your blood vessels

  • A big boost in stimulation, focus, cognition, and positive feelings before, during, and after your workout

  • Better recovery time after you workout to help you get back to the gym faster!

If you haven’t used MAXIMIZE yet, hopefully the list above has convinced you to check it out and learn a little more about them.

So you can probably imagine how the incredible benefits of MAXIMIZE would increase when Hemavol is added into the mix! It’s great for focus and good feelings during a workout, but it doesn’t provide too much pump action – that’s of course where Hemavol has you covered!

iForce brings you a fantastic pump here but doesn’t make you feel the same level of focus and euphoria MAXIMIZE users say they get. As you can see, they balance each other really nicely. Even though they’re made by different companies, you’d almost think they were designed to work together!

But the fact is, you can mix HEMAVOL with anything. You’d rather take a fat burner? Stack it in (we recommend Dexaprine!) You dig 5 hour energy style drinks? Or big cans of energy drink? We’re not huge fans, but it works there too. It’s SUPER versatile!

Here’s how most people do their Hemavol/MAXIMIZE stack:

  1. Get some water! If you’re not hydrated, you can make yourself sick (but every good bodybuilder knows this). It’s moreso because HEMAVOL needs that water to do its plasma volumizing, nutrient shuttling.

  2. Maximize and Hemavol are best taken together before a workout and on an empty stomach (so don’t eat for about an hour and a half before taking your supps). About 30-45 minutes before you begin working out, take both iForce Nutrition Hemavol and Maximize. Again, drink TONS of water. This “nitric oxide supplement” is also known as a “plasma volumizer”, so it makes your muscle cells swell by sucking in water.

  3. Work out! Hit the gym and feel the power flowing through your muscles!

  4. Post-workout, take iForce Protein… then 60-90 minutes later EAT REAL FOOD!!!!

Remember that no stack is a “magic bullet” to get ripped—you have to work HARD and LONG in order to have that cut physique you want. Success is made in the KITCHEN – and that’s why we provide a free diet book here! It takes months and years for your muscles to grow.

You have to eat right and stay away from fast food and other junk.. and never starve yourself or else your muscles will literally eat themselves (a process known as catabolization).

That said, stacks like this one are a HUGE shortcut to success! iForce Nutrition Hemavol may not be a magic bullet, but it sure does make sick results faster to come by!

You can read more at our HEMAVOL Stack page!

Is Hemavol Legal?

Yes! Unlike some supplements that are constantly under the FDA’s radar, Hemavol is 100% legal and completely safe to use—that’s one of the best things about it. It’s been around for quite a while, and isn’t going anywhere. As we’ll discuss in the side effects section, it’s the stimulants that cause all of the problems. This goes for legality too. With iForce HEMAVOL, you don’t need to worry about that at all.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Personally, I get none. I haven’t seen anyone who has, except for the “intended” side effects of major muscle tearing during crazy-ass workouts, and increased bloodflow.

Fact is, it’s the stimulants in the other pre workout supplements (even ones mentioned aboev) that start causing side effects — especially when improperly used. Having no stims, this is practically NEVER the problem.

So there answer is that there aren’t ANY known negative side effects associated with using Hemavol. IForce Nutrition’s directions say to only use it 4 times per week, but even users who used it 5-6 times per week didn’t report any negative side effects (note: we don’t recommend that – follow the label!).

Don’t Dehydrate Yourself – Or Else It May Not Work!

Dehydration is the biggest thing. But you won’t necessarily “feel” dehydrated – you just won’t get the incredible effects of this like you would have if used with 20-24oz cold water. You may become dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water when you’re using Hemavol, but that’s to be expected with any supp. This makes it one of the few supps that’s safe to use almost every day without having to worry about whether it’s going to wreck your body in the long run.

Stretching and Joint Support is a Must with this Crazy Stuff

Lastly.. don’t forget to take care of your joints. Lifting heavy can thrash them. Our stack page discusses this a bit. Stretch, hydrate, do some light exercises to work on your small “helper” muscles like in your shoulders, and stretch some more!

Where Can I Buy Hemavol?

Even though it has been on the market for a few years, you probably won’t find it at your local store (I have NO reason why!)… but it’s easy to find a good retailer online – especially via the price widgets here on Heemavol.com.

Even if it was at your local store, it’d be about 40% more. Screw that. You can compare prices online here super easily. The only downside is the shipping wait, but that’s usually only a few days – enough time to prep your joints with some light lifts and stretching, go over your lifting goals, and adjust them for the increased gains you’ll experience after starting on Hemavol!

Give it a Go!

After weighing in all the information, there’s really only one recommendation I can give Hemavol: try a tub and see for yourself!

With no real unwanted side effects and incredible results, there’s no reason not to grab some online and add it to your current supplement stack. You’ll immediately feel the incredible power, endurance, and pump the next time you work out!

Plus, the longer you use Hemavol, the better it works!

This is definitely one of those “gotta try this at least once” products. After you do, we have a feeling you’ll be back for more for your next round of heavy lifts (which might be immediately – HEMAVOL does not need to be cycled).

Give it a shot – whether you’re a rookie or a pro, you’re going to have some risk-free fun with this one.



Average iForce HEMAVOL Reviews Rating from all reviewers:

Click Here to jump to the bottom and leave your own review or see new user reviews. The rest of this article summarizes some reviews from around the web:

According to the Hemavol reviews out on the net, users can come to expect this pre workout supplement to drive insane pumps to your weightlifting workouts. You WILL be able to break personal records on this!
What can Hemavol do for you?

iForce Nutrition, the company that makes HEMAVOL, claims that the product offers several benefits to its users. These include:

Triggering the body to produce more nitric oxide so you get massive pumps;

Plasma volumization, which results in greater cellular expansion (ie MUSCLE GROWTH!);

Improved vasodilation to

HEMAVOL Ingredients

HEMAVOL Ingredients

Let’s cut to the chase here. HEMAVOL’s ingredients are basically the ultimate “kitchen sink” of stimulant-free pre workout pump and energy ingredients.

Some supplements rely on a few cheesy ingredients like plain old arginine. Not here. Put simply, iForce would have hit a homerun with HEMAVOL had they put in half the stuff they did. But instead, they opted for the GRAND SLAM. 4 epic pump ingredients, plus an amazing supporting cast.

So lets dig in! Introducing the iForce Nutrition HEMAVOL!

HEMAVOL is marketed as a “plasma volumizer”. It is specifically formulated for maximum muscular build-up as well as the volumization of your myofibrallar plasma. This is marketing speak for HUGE MUSCLE PUMPS when you add water and crazy workouts… with no stimulant issues to …

Want More Info and Articles? See the PUMP Blog articles on each ingredient, diet and training stuff, and more!