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Agmatine Sulfate in HEMAVOL – How it Works

Agmatine sulfate is one of the most important of the HEMAVOL Ingredients. It has recently aroused interest from fitness and health enthusiasts across the web because of its ability to drive tons of nitric oxide into the muscles when working out, providing incredible pumps for weightlifters.

The compound name seems very complicated and difficult to understand. Nonetheless, several users of the agmatine sulfate have already proclaimed that agmatine sulfate has done wonders for their regimen. One user says that he has seen major progress in his workout in just a matter of two weeks. He could even extend his workout for a few minutes longer than the usual.

Let’s discuss why agmatine is such a great pump product, and better than an arginine-based supplement. In short, arginine gets converted to agmatine, which really does all of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to nitric oxide production. So why not just cut to the chase and supplement agmatine itself? And that’s exactly what iForce thought when they added it to HEMAVOL!

How Agmatine Sulfate Works

The body produces agmatine by breaking down arginine. After agmatine is produced by the brain, it is stored in the synamptic vesicles and released during depolarization. Agmatine stimulates some nitric oxide synthase enzymes but it also inhibits its other forms. But one thing is for sure: agmatine has been proven to enhance the production of the growth hormone (GH), pituitary hormone, and luteinizing hormone (LH).


These hormones are necessary for muscle building. Many fitness experts and nutritionists say that agmatine sulfate is the best form or arginine supplement. Although it is available in the body, it is not distributed evenly. Agmatine traces largely accumulate in the stomach, small intestines, and aorta. To fully see the effects of agmatine sulfate on the body, research has it that it has to be taken from an external source.

Agmatine and Your Muscles!

Agmatine sulfate makes the muscle look full and healthy because it retains the water in the muscle cells. It increases the storage of muscle glycogen so that water stays inside the muscles. Thats why people taking these supplements experience increased pumps and bigger and fuller muscles.

Agmatine Sulfate Benefits

The central benefit of agmatine is the increased muscle pumps brought about by the production of nitric oxide. It blocks the nitric oxide synthase and increases the blood flow towards the muscle. This enables the blood to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the body. Taking the right dosage of agmatine sulfate before a workout will notably improve the users performance because the muscles will have its constant supply of oxygen. If you think about it, excruciatingly painful muscle cramps will be a story of the past if there is enough oxygen supply for the muscles.

Anti-Cortisol = Better EVERYTHING

Agmatine sulfate is also known for its anti-depressant property. Research has it that agmatine sulfate regulates the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that the body secretes during times of anxiety, depression, and stress. Agmatine sulfate alleviates stress and anxiety from the users.

There are also other health benefits associated with agmatine sulfate. It enhances the functions of kidneys by the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Agmatine sulfate is safe, even for people with kidney problems. In fact, it can help improve their condition. Agmatine sulfate also serves as an antioxidant, which increases the immune system and protects cardiovascular health.

Why We Like Agmatine Better than Arginine

Fitness experts claim that agmatine sulfate will actually do a better job than arginine because the agmatine, as pointed out earlier, is a byproduct of arginine. Agmatine has already been put through so many tests and studies. All of them revealed that there are no side effects when using agmatine sulfate, nor any reported adverse side effect that may have affected any user of agmatine sulfate. Anyone can use agmatine sulfate as a supplement, provided that the user is above 18 years old and not pregnant. For those who want to use it alongside their other medications, its still best to consult the physician and ask for medical clearance before using agmatine sulfate.

The Dosage – Where HEMAVOL Does NOT Go Cheap

Hemavol contains 1000 mg (for capsule) and 500 mg (for powdered) of agmatine sulfate. This dosage is basically enough to get someone a great pump ON ITS OWN – and that’s before we even add in the other ingredients in HEMAVOL!

When you buy it, you get to choose if you want to take it as a pill or drink it as a shake. Hemavol is marketed as a plasma volumizer, which expands the muscular cells. It fills the muscular cells with water, carbohydrates, and other nutrients needed to bulk up and strengthen the muscles. Hemavol does not contain any stimulants that can cause adverse side effects.

If you want to take it with an energy supplement (as discussed on our HEMAVOL STACK page), go for it.iForce would rather let you go after the pumps, and customize the energy on your own, since everyone has such different sensitivities to stim-based products and it’s tough to make a product with perfect balance. That’s no longer a problem here! Other supplements induce hyperactivity and crashing but with Hemavol taken alone, there will be no such manifestations. It can safely be stacked with other medications. Users are advised to drink the pills or shake an hour prior to the workout to see the full effects. There will are no heart palpitations, chilks, or other such problems if you use it on its own.

It Still is – And Always Will Be – ALL ABOUT FOOD to Achieve Your Goals

While not a basic commodity like food, agmatine sulfate promises dramatic result for the aspiring body builder. Amgatine sulfate is a valuable personal investments. The short story is that pump supplements like agmatine WILL help you get a better pump, temporarily increase strength, and get you more ‘muscle-tearing’. What you do after that to REPAIR the muscles for more PERMANENT growth is up to you… meaning… you need to eat clean and eat big!!

We have a free diet and training plan if you need help with this. We will never tell you that this supplement alone will get you huge, or help you lose weight. That is nonsense. Gains are made and lost IN THE KITCHEN and IN THE GYM – Every athlete and bodybuilder knows this! HEMAVOL helps with the gym part… but the kitchen part is on you.

For any person who is serious about bodybuilding, nitric oxide plays an important role in workouts. A regular workout does not happen just once. Some workouts leave a person aching and sore. A person needs to stick to the regimen in order to see the results. Nitric oxide will help a person keep up with the rigors of an intense workout. It will not only increase muscle strength; nitric oxide can also bolster a persons endurance. A person with regular doses of nitric oxide supplements can last longer and finish stronger, and that’s why agmatine helps so much.

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