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Glycerol Monostearate

People prepare in different ways for a workout. Some individuals do not require a meal prior to working out, especially if the workout duration does not go beyond an hour. Others want a pre workout drink with the mix of whey protein + MCT oil for energy.

Still others, like us, care more about getting absolutely pumped up during our workouts, and want a clean nitric oxide supplement that is stimulant-free but will still give great workouts when lifting in the gym. This is where the glycerol monostearate comes in from HEMAVOL. In short, is a compound that hydrates muscle cells, making them feel fuller.

What is Glycerol Monostearate?

A stimulant-free supplement that can be ingested before lifting weights, glycerol monostearate (GMS) is a glycerol ester of stearic acid. Glycerol can be found naturally in the body. It is a by-product of the breakdown of fats, and can also be found in fatty foods. When used as a pre workout supplement and absorbed by the body, it hydrates muscle cells, making them feel fuller.In effect, the product breakthrough levels the playing field for bodybuilders as it delivers essential nutrients directly into the muscle cells.


What Happens when using it in a Pre Workout Supplement?

Taking GMS in supplement form, which is a colorless and odorless flaky powder, contributes to better absorption of nutrients ingested along with it. The result is a pumped up effect during workouts. GMS tends to form a protective layer on the skin surface, thereby averting excessive water loss. Studies on athletes, specifically mountain bike racers in warm weather condition, a pre-exercise hydrating substance like glycerol can help the athletes perform their activity safely and favorably.

The pre-workout supplement ingredient which is generally safe for human consumption contributes to a leaner physique while also enhancing performance. Because it makes muscles seem bigger or more well-defined than they actually are when taken before a workout, this supplement containing the fat formed when glycerol is esterified with Stearic Acid appeals to many people. Athletes or bodybuilders bracing for competition or models preparing for a photo shoot are among those who see much benefit.

That, in a nutshell, sums up the benefits of that key ingredient in the nitric oxide supplement HEMAVOL, which fuels the body. Some people feel they maximize a workout by taking a pre-workout supplement. For those who want to endure long workouts and breathe easier, a GMS supplement that draws water into the muscles fits this bill. It is important to keep in mind, nonetheless, that a physician and nutritionist must be consulted before beginning a workout or exercise regime. A physician will be able to check for specific conditions, like liver problems, and determine if pre-workout supplements are suitable or not.

It’s Still About Diet

Generally, however, athletes get energy from sugars stored in their muscles, fat deposits, and liver. So depending on your goals, your diet really matters more than any supplement alone. For those bulking up, many opt to eat a protein bar or drink shake about 30 minutes before working out. Others get by with at least 70 grams of carbodydrates to fuel their body before working out. Yet some who are going after fat-burn / weight-loss will exercise on an empty stomach, and the fast makes the ratio between high adrenaline and low insulin favorable to the muscles, thereby oxidizing more fatty acids.

It’s rare to find breakthrough products like this that do not have side effects, but HEMAVOL is one such product. Typically, it’s the stimulants in these supplements that cause problems. HEMAVOL has no such problems. Owing to the right mix and quantity of functional ingredients, power up workouts. A state-of-the-art nitric oxide enhancer can make workout enthusiasts feel great since they get fantastic pumps. The cell hydrating ingredient in supplement products not only supplies water but also nutrients for the muscles. A tub of the iForce HEMAVOL therefore sustains a fitness buffs endurance level and leads to newfound gains in size and strength.

A Stim-Free Pump – GMS is Why HEMAVOL is a Safe, Solid Pre-Workout Choice

A supplement formulated with health-enhancing natural ingredients like glycerol monostearate is a great option whether you’re bulking up or dieting down. This is the main advantage of the pre-workout supplement HEMAVOL, which has no synthetic stimulants that may cause a jittery effect or let workout enthusiasts crash. Moreover, vitamins that include niacin and vitamin B12 are supplied to the body. As with other substances ingested to supplement food, moderation must be observed. Consumption of the pre-workout supplement must not exceed four times a week, and a serving can be taken with 24-32 ounces of water for optimum results.

Because of its hydrating benefit, the glycerol supplement quickly delivers nutrients to different parts of the body, making it worth the spend. Users have also reported gaining some muscular flexibility and increased stamina after intake.

Endurance athletes can benefit the most from taking a stimulant-free pre workout supplement with glycerol monstearate. By drawing water into the bloodstream and holding it there, bodybuilders/workout enthusiasts taking the supplement delay the onset of fatigue and improve performance. Customer testimonials also cite how such ingredients in pre-workout supplements infuse a steady stream of positive energy while working out.

Overall, an effective supplement like HEMAVOL with hydration-improving Glycerol gets the thumbs-up from serious bodybuilders/fitness buffs in terms of taste and pump. The glycerol contributes to greater protein synthesis, and the creation of muscle mass. Serious bodybuilders rave about obtaining pumps on certain exercises, and get big bang for the buck.

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